• 1. Covid 19 & taking online education:

    MVA understands the new changes and effects of Covid-19 on the beauty industry. We are aware of new steps we must take as beauty professionals, like extra sanitation and hygiene protocols. Now more than ever, online education is the best way for you to be able to get certified with us online from the comfort and safety of your own home. MVA wants to help prepare you to be the best beauty artist you can be, whether you want to maintain the latest safety procedures for your professional or personal beauty goals. MVA has created a free Covid-19 safety training program where we cover the basics like protocols to maintain on set, extra steps to take to clean your kit, and more. Upon completing and passing the course you will get certified.

  • 2. Can you truly become certified online?

    Absolutely! MVA’s uniquely designed courses are structured to prepare and train you to be at the top of the beauty field. Our courses have resources found nowhere else like Master Beauty Artistry’s 240+ page e-book. MVA has created the most detailed and comprehensive education in online beauty so you can learn how to work on sets, be a professional beauty artist, have expert knowledge and technique, and so much more all from the comfort of your own space.

  • 3. How long does it take to complete an online class and get certified?

    MVA’s courses are designed so you can complete the course at your own pace. If you wish to focus and dedicate your time fully to finish a course in a week, you can do so. Want to take the time to really practice everything you learn in a lesson and spread out your learning? You can do that too! Our courses are set up to give you the power to take charge of your learning, with our full support. To get your certificate, you must have done two things. You must have completed your course and passed your final assessment. You also must have paid for your class fully to get your certificate. If you purchased your class in full, then you will have no outstanding payments due. If you signed up for your course on a payment plan, then you must complete making all of your payments and finish/pass your course to get your certificate.

  • 4. Who are the educators and how will I get feedback & guidance?

    MVA has the BEST instructors and tutors in the world! Our teachers are all working professional beauty artists with invaluable knowledge from their set experience, their celebrity clients and more. Our instructors and tutors have experience working in all areas of the beauty industry from TV shows, to Movies & Film, to award shows, red carpet events and more. When you take a class online with Michael Vincent Academy you know your work will be getting private dedicated feedback from instructors and tutors at the top of the industry. When you submit an assignment your work will be reviewed and graded and full feedback sent directly to you.

  • 5. What level of makeup artistry do I need to enroll? Do I need to have previous experience in makeup or beauty?

    Our courses are designed so that you do not need to have any previous experience in beauty to enroll. All our classes start from the ground up teaching you fundamental techniques and knowledge before moving on to advanced skills. If you are just getting started in beauty, then our classes will give you everything you need to succeed. Even if you have previous experience, our classes go fully in-depth so you can refresh your fundamentals and pick up new skills and knowledge you might not have. Need a suggestion on where to get started? MVA recommends taking a Master Beauty Artistry makeup course to learn the A-Z of makeup artistry. Looking to take a smaller speciality course? MVA Online Bridal Makeup Artistry or TV & Film Makeup Artistry are both excellent courses if you are looking to succeed in a specific sector of the beauty industry.

  • 6. What do I need else to complete my online assignments?

    Our course assignments are designed to have you get real hands on practice. As such, many of our assignments require you to complete looks such as a full face of makeup or a complete hairstyle, take photos of your work, and submit these images for feedback/review. It is suggested that you complete 1 assignment a week, where applicable in a course. This gives you the time to practice and complete your assignment. You will need to be able to take photos (before and after) of your work. Whether you are using your cell phone camera or a digital camera your method of taking photos is up to you. All our courses include samples and instructions on how to take and submit your work. We are there to guide you every step of the way. Every class comes with a kit so you can feel prepared knowing you will have all the tools and products at your disposal from your kit to use in your assignments.

  • 7. How do I get certified and when will I get my certificate?

    Every course will have a final assessment. Once you’ve completed all the required lessons in your course, as marked in your student portal, you can take your final assessment. Most courses final assessments have two components, a multiple choice exam and a practical “hands-on” exam. Our instructors have up to 1 week to review the practical portion of your exam. Once you pass your final assessment, and your course has either been paid in full or fully paid off, then we will send you your certificate.

  • 8. What do I get once I’m certified?

    Being certified is a powerful tool to have in your belt as a beauty artist. You can use your certification to apply for pro discounts at major brands saving anywhere from 20-60% off. Your certification is also proof to show to your clients and employers of your skills and training. But those aren’t the only benefits being certified with MVA will bring you. Once you are certified you are invited to get direct access to be able to join us in-person at MVA’s headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. Our flagship academy not only offers our prestige education and classes, but shares space with MVA Studios. MVA is the only place where you can become the best trained and certified beauty artist and get real set opportunities in Hollywood and more, production experience, and the list goes on through MVA Studios and our Affiliate Program.

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