Here are a couple common support questions and their answers to get you started

  • How do I reset my password?

    If you need to reset your password, simply click this link: If you still need help, someone from our support team can assist. Just shoot us an email!

  • How do I change the email for my account?

    Changing your account email is easy! First make sure you are signed in. Then click on your name in the upper right site menu. You'll have a new mini menu pop-up, simply select "My Account". Once you've clicked My Account your profile page will come up. Change your email and don't forget to hit the, "Save Changes" button.

  • If you are having an issue with your student portal, such as it not loading correctly:

    You can always contact us with specific questions. However, we recommend trying to view and access your portal through a different web browser or device just to make sure the problem is not with how you are trying to access the portal.

Need tech support as a current student?

Fill out the template below including as much detail as you can, and email us at [email protected]

  • Please provide a brief description of the issue.
  • Include your name and best email to reach you at.
  • Let us know which course(s) and which lesson(s) are you experiencing an issue with.
  • Let us know which browser and which version are you using.
  • Include any browser extensions/plug-ins you have installed and if you tried disabling them. 
  • Tell us what troubleshooting steps you already tried. 
  • Include a screenshot of the problem if applicable.